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High School

Mr. Danny Starkey


RBHS Bell Schedule
1st Period
8:00 - 8:45
2nd Period
8:50 - 9:35
3rd Period
9:40 - 10:25
4th Period
10:30 - 11:15
5th Period
11:20 - 12:05
12:05 - 12:35
6th Period
12:40 - 1:25
7th Period
1:30 - 2:15
8th Period
2:20 - 3:05
RBHS Information
Rose Bud High School received a probationary accredidation for the 2010-2011 school year. All high schools are required to teach a minimum of 38 units in various subject areas. During the 2010-2011 school year, Rose Bud High School failed to meet this minimum number of units by 1/2 credit in the area of Social Studies. This oversight will be corrected in the 2011-2012 school year.


High School Email Addresses
Danny Starkey, Principal dstarkey@rbsd.k12.ar.us
Tresa Covington, Secretary tcovington@rbsd.k12.ar.us
Megan Johnson, EAST/Business mjohnson@rbsd.k12.ar.us
Erika Bradshaw, Social Studies ebradshaw@rbsd.k12.ar.us
David Cartwright, Resource Aide dcartwright@rbsd.k12.ar.us
Allan Clark, Math aclark@rbsd.k12.ar.us
Mandy Goodwin, Coach/Art mgoodwin@rbsd.k12.ar.us
Shannon Hampton, English shampton@rbsd.k12.ar.us
Stephanie Whillock , Business swhillock@rbsd.k12.ar.us
Jennifer Hipp, Speech/Reading jhipp@rbsd.k12.ar.us
Steve Holder, Band sholder@rbsd.k12.ar.us
Kristie Irwin, Science kirwin@rbsd.k12.ar.us
Craig Jones, Math cjones@rbsd.k12.ar.us
Pam Leach, Resource pleach@rbsd.k12.ar.us
Rita Lester, Resource rlester@rbsd.k12.ar.us
Margaret Moon, Science mmoon@rbsd.k12.ar.us
Jonna Moore , Agri jmoore@@rbsd.k12.ar.us
Scott Moore, History smoore@rbsd.k12.ar.us
Rebecca Barnett , Science rbarnett@rbsd.k12.ar.us
Jennifer Petray , Library jpetray@rbsd.k12.ar.us
Janice Petray, English jlpetray@rbsd.k12.ar.us
Kerry Philamlee, English kphilamlee@rbsd.k12.ar.us
Samantha Correll, English scorrell@rbsd.k12.ar.us
Matt Porter, Coach/Health mporter@rbsd.k12.ar.us
Todd Prothro, Agri tprothro@rbsd.k12.ar.us
Joey Pruitt , Coach jpruitt@rbsd.k12.ar.us
Leah Morgan , Spanish kmorgan.k12.ar.us
Julie Reedy, Family & Consumer Science jreedy@rbsd.k12.ar.us
Patricia Massey, Counselor Secretary pmassey@rbsd.k12.ar.us
Steve Rose, Coach/Athletic Director srose@rbsd.k12.ar.us
Scotty Starkey, Math/ Coach sstarkey@rbsd.k12.ar.us
Corinna Strain, Counselor cstrain@rbsd.k12.ar.us
Jody Swaffer, History/English jswaffer@rbsd.k12.ar.us
Rob Welch, Coach rwelch@rbsd.k12.ar.us



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